Bamboo Decking

bamboo decking


Bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural building materials on earth. Bamboo is less prone to cracking and splintering than wooden decking. Given proper care, it can last for many years. Bamboo decking is gradually gaining popularity as the preferred materials especially for outdoor decking because it is

•    Environmental friendly
•    Easy to install
•    Minimum maintenance
•    Dimensionally stable

A company which promotes the innovative use of bamboo decking products is Dasso Group. Decking products from Dasso Group are highly stable, high density, environmental friendly and corrosion resistant fire-proof. The company manufactures solid, high density bamboo board made from compressed bamboo strips. It has its own research and development department that focuses on improving the durability and stability of bamboo making its products long lasting. Its XTR decking is end-matched for ease and improved efficiency of installation and to provide full coverage on and off the joist.

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