with the advancement of technology and innovation, the emergence of interlocking flooring has revolutionised the building materials industry. It has given the industry with a new dimension for home decoration and buildings. Consumers will have more choices and access to products which offers better competitive advantage as compared to traditional flooring materials. The interlocking flooring which Globalniaga supplies are vinyl flooring and SPC Flooring or better known as rigid core flooring.




when it comes to exercise and workout, the comfort and safety of a sport enthusiast is very important. An appropriate and comfortable sport flooring can help to prevent injuries and muscle pain. Sport flooring is designed to enable athletes and players to deliver optimal performance. Some of the advantages of sport flooring are
•    Slip-resistant
•    Support heavy wear
•    Shock absorption and sound insulation.



Ever wonder using outdoor decking as a creative way to decorate the outdoor compound of your house? Certainly, it will make the landscape looks elegant and stylish. The outdoor space of your house can serve as an area for party and family gathering. It can also serve as an area for relaxation and barbeque. Giving a serious thought, it has to be planned appropriately. Two great options of installing outdoor decking are through wood plastic composite (WPC) and bamboo decking.



Fiber cement is a quality building material which is fantastic for roofing and façade products. It is a composite material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. It has gained increasing usage in the building industry due to its durability and ability to withstand large amount of pressure.



Give your home or building an artistic view that will showcase the splendour of different designs using decorative panel with various pattern carved. It will attracts guests’ attention while giving the living and working space an elegant panorama. Luxe’s decorative panel is well-carved in various patterns to demonstrate its uniqueness. It is applicable for construction wall grille panels, ceilings, furniture board design panel, seashore wet-proof grille and panels, decorative board and upholstery for commercial vehicle, kitchen’s cupboard, signages and advertisement board. It is manufactured using eco-friendly foam extrusion and mouldings which are non-toxic, lead-free and acid-free. 



Home decoration can be further enhanced with OXY’s Splendid Plank Ceiling Strip and Wall Panelling. It allows users to save cost. The installation method is simple and faster as compared to carpentry method. It does not require further patching, painting nor varnishing. Its appropriate size and width helps to minimise wastage. For external use, it is most suitable for steel roof truss and shingle roof tile system. For internal use, it can be mixed and matched with plaster ceiling as exclusive designs. It is available in several series and different sizes.